Three Reasons to Hire a Good Divorce Lawyer

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When you’re facing the end of your marriage, everything seems hard. From the time you wake up until the time your head hits the pillow, going through a divorce is challenging. Even though you may not realize it, hiring a good divorce lawyer is in your best interest.

There are three main reasons why you should find a good divorce attorney:

Special Understanding of Family Law

A divorce attorney will be better suited to handle your divorce and child custody hearings than a general practice lawyer. Family law changes often. For instance, if your typical go-to lawyer, who hasn’t handled family law in a while, is not up-to-date on current changes, he is incompetent to effectively handle your case. Unfavorable odds and adverse decisions are the least things you may want in this sticky situation.

However, an attorney who is familiar with the family court system will serve you better than one who only appears occasionally. Court proceedings, evidence admission, and civil measures are handled differently by different judges. A family law attorney will be familiar with judges in this branch of the court system.

Familiar with Dividing Assets

An unfortunate part of divorce is divvying up your assets. Family attorneys at work to protect your part and help you to get what you’re entitled to. Fair division of businesses, taxes and debt, and stock options isn’t something you should leave to any lawyer.

Sometimes during divorce proceedings, one spouse attempts to hide assets from the other. When this occurs, a good family law attorney will act quickly and concisely to bring those assets before the court. Family lawyers know how to uncover assets and what to look for when you suspect hidden properties.

Need for an Advocate

Divorce is painful, and you won’t always be in the right state to fight for your rights. Having a hard-working attorney fighting for you provides some relief and comfort during this difficult time and gives you a voice in court as well.

Conclusion: Finding a Family Lawyer

Now you know the need to find a family lawyer, but how? First ask friends and family for references. You’ll get an honest opinion about an attorney’s abilities and character. If you know anyone in the family court system like a case worker or a judge, ask for a referral. The family court system is fairly small, and most workers know everyone else.

Hiring a divorce attorney is one of the best things you can do to cope with this emotional struggle, protect your interests and assets, and make sure you get what you’re entitled to.

If you have experience hiring a divorce lawyer, leave a comment below.

Live the Life You Want: 4 Ways to Maximize Your Budget

Money problems can really put a damper on your life. It can prevent you from hanging out with friends, going to movies, or engaging in activities that allow you to live the life you want to live. While many people might throw their hands up in despair and continue living a life they never imagined, some people take the initiative to get up and change the one aspect of their life – their budget — that can help them lead the ideal lifestyle.

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If you are interested in changing things around and trying to live the life you always wanted, here are four ways you can maximize your budget.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

People often spend money without realizing exactly what they are spending it on. Try keeping a notebook for a month of everything you purchased or every bill you paid. When the month is over look over where you spent your money, and see if there are places where you can cut unnecessary expenses.

Some examples of unnecessary expenses include:

  • Paying for cable TV
  • Shopping sprees
  • Purchasing items that are not needed or wanted

Pay Off Bills Quickly

There are some bills such as the electric bill that are impossible to pay off completely, as they are reoccurring. However, there may be some bills such installment loans that were taken out for emergency medical expenses, or credit card bills, that can be paid in full.

Try to completely pay off any bills you can. If that is impossible, try to devote a little extra cash to the monthly payments. This will help you pay off your bills faster, and give you more money to help you lead the life you want.

Consider Couponing

While many people laugh at the people who are frantically clipping coupons, the truth is these people are saving money and maximizing their budget. Consider using coupons to help you save a little extra cash when you make purchases. It might not look like you are saving a lot, but every dollar you save can be put towards helping you live a dream lifestyle.

Keep on a Strict Budget

Maximizing your budget doesn’t have to mean that you have to cut out all the fun things such as trips to the movies, or eating out; it just means you need to budget your money. Every month sit down and create a budget that includes all the things you want to do for the month. Make sure all your bills are paid, and leave a little cash for “fun money” that can be used for activities that are deemed unnecessary.

Once you’ve created a budget, you must stick to it completely. This will prevent you from overspending, but will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Living a dream lifestyle isn’t easy. It takes determination, a willing to make sacrifices, and an ability to budget your money wisely. Using these four tips you can maximize your budget, and be one step closer to living the life you want.

How to Protect Your Child From the Stress of Divorce

Some of the most stressful periods in people’s lives include the death of a loved one, job loss, and sustaining of a significant injury. Divorce is also among the most stressful events that any person can experience in his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, children are the most affected, and can feel the greatest stress that of a divorce. They feel uncertain over how their lives will change after the divorce. They also feel guilty, blaming themselves for the end of their parents’ marriage. This generates a truly stressed-out adolescent. However, there are ways to keep your child protected from the stress caused by a divorce.

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Keep Your Child and Divorce out of the Courtroom

Historically, divorce has been difficult for children as they became involved in courtroom custody battles in which they must choose sides or assess blame. However, divorce proceedings have recently seen a new approach, especially in the last decade, that allow parents and their children to go through the divorce process in a more amicable, less stressful way. Indeed, a collaborative approach to divorce will help lessen the stress and even the cost associated with divorce.

Look up Divorce Laws in Your State for Clarity

There are number of issues that make divorce hearings more difficult. For example, a Virginia child custody lawyer is dealing with different legal custody, physical custody and visitation arrangements than an attorney in Los Angeles, California. Child custody laws are different in every state, however, the health and happiness of a child is paramount to any divorce proceeding regardless of geography.

Explore Collaborative Divorce

The idea of a collaborative divorce is that parents are working out their issues through direct communication with each other instead of passing information back and forth through attorneys. Customarily, couples will sign a collaborative participation agreement. By signing the agreement, each parent is agreeing not to take the case to court. Indeed, courtrooms are a stressful environment, especially to a child unaccustomed to those surroundings. Collaborative divorce allows for discussions and resolutions to take place almost entirely out of the court room.

In a collaborative divorce, attorneys are on hand to offer consultation or to give more advice but they are not there to discuss divorce settlements or terms. Ideally, the children are the focal points of the divorce with a goal of reducing their stress and anxiety. Child custody is a highly emotive issue but a signed contract that purports to put your child’s interests first will help to get both parents working together toward an arrangement that is in the best interest of the child.

Costs are also reduced in a collaborative divorce. Indeed, when both parties are on the same page about the structure by which their union will end, there is less money spent on lawyer deliberations, and more time spent on securing the emotional well-being of the children involved.


Buy a Suitable Phone for Your Teen

Communication dominates high school corridors, with a constant exchange of ringtones and text reminders—the white noise of instant messaging. The generation today documents every experience with just the press of tiny buttons, and phones are now are considered a necessity in a teenager’s experience.

Parents often find themselves struggling with that experience, however. Teens demand social media and convenience, wanting to entertain themselves between classes. Mothers and fathers, instead, opt for affordability and functional features. Creating a compromise between these ideas is not an easy task. It is, though, a possible one if appropriate phones are chosen.

Consider the following four options:

LG Optimus V 

Boasting a sleek design and practical interface, the LG Optimus V is an ideal choice for teens. This Google Android platform offers quick speeds (3G as of 2012) and high resolutions, which makes it perfect for texting, gaming and more. Parents will certainly approve of the low purchase price, however, and the flexibility of Virgin Mobile family planning. The LG Optimus V is a streamlined item that meets teen’s tech needs.

BlackBerry Curve

Youth are social animals, and the BlackBerry Curve is a social phone. This gadget offers a full QWERTY keyboard, perfect for emails and texting; features Microsoft programs for sharing documents or homework suggestions; and even provides access to Rhapsody Unlimited, which allows users to exchange playlists, post songs to Facebook and more.

As of 2012, this service has been increasingly popular, with even Cricket’s Muve Music Phone challenged by Rhapsody. The BlackBerry Curve proves ideal for networking and is an excellent choice for active teens.

The Kajeet

Offering a pre-paid philosophy and stellar parental controls, the Kajeet serves as a parent’s perfect dream. Utilizing functions like monthly text limitations, restricted access to designated web pages, and even the ability to manage when the phone can (or can’t) be used, the Kajeet simplifies the communication process.

This is an easy introduction for young teens, teaching them responsibility and how to avoid the pitfalls of exceeding their minutes.

Apple iPhone

Cellphones are much more than collections of buttons and dial tones. Instead, the Apple iPhone proves that they are an efficient—and an innovative—form of communication. Providing over eight gigabytes of storage capabilities and 3G speeds, this is the phone that redefined technology. Its endless features (such as 1080p HD video, dual core A5 chip, advanced optics camera, and even access to Rhapsody Unlimited) brand it the desire of every teen. And its affordable cost makes it the friend of every budget-conscious parent.

The necessity of a cell phone is undeniable. Choosing a suitable option for teens is just as vital, however. Consider then the LG Optimus V, the BlackBerry Curve, the Kajeet or the Apple iPhone for ease and lessened costs.

Are you ready to impress your teen with your choice of technology?

4 Basic Ways to Expand Your Assets

The world is technically a jungle of blackholes designed to swallow up all the presidential flash cards at your disposal, so there’s no doubt you have to be ready on a global level. This means you need to make sure your assets are rock solid. Take note: Income is king.

Here are four simple tactics that will help strengthen your income:

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Tactic 1: Real Estate Marketing

That’s right, putting your extra real estate assets outright on the market will help you reap the benefits. Make sure, though, you have an ideal place to live, preferably downsized later on in your life, or else it may not matter much to your wallet.

The thing is, you can sell your other houses for top dollar simply because you’ve put so much money into these places already—repairs, improvements, add-ons, you name it.

Tactic 2: Brand Licensing

Small businesses need to invest in something called brand licensing. The deal is, you’re investing a bit of money to expand your brand to other companies through your license. What does that mean? It means that these other businesses will actually set production for your brand, saving you tons of money, and increasing public knowledge about your business.

Tactic 3: Bankrupt Business Buying

Buying a business? You’re thinking, “Are you insane?” Here’s the thing: While it may cost a ton of money to obtain ownership of any company, you can actually find huge deals in obtaining ownership of “bankrupt” companies.

Why? It’s simply because these bankrupt companies have nothing to lose. They’re going under. But if you swoop in and buy out the company, you could potentially have a cash cow saved from total slaughter. Make sure you have tenacious management on-board as well, and it’s not only a company saved from death but also a company bringing in the more income for you.

Tactic 4: The Classic Stocks and Bonds

There’s really no need to go into detail on this one because it has proven to increase a company’s income on a wide scale, provided that you know what businesses to invest in, of course! You’re basically putting some of your money into how well a business does. If the business makes a profit, you make a profit.

When Financial Emergency Strikes

While you’re building your arsenal and growing your wealth, emergencies such as accidents and catastrophes can arise without warning.  These dire situations often require immediate emergency cash to help you survive. If you find yourself facing a catastrophe and you’re strapped for cash, consider applying for an online cash loan. Companies like Great Plains Lending are in the business of helping people get through unforeseen events, calamities and emergencies.  At times like these, having cash on hand is an absolute necessity.

Those blackholes may be dangerous to your dollar signs, but with the help of these tactics, rest assured that your portfolio stays intact, free, and clear. These are your weapons, soldier of fortune! Your assets await strengthening. Go forth and tackle the world.

Do you have other great tips on how one can expand a company’s assets? Share us your thoughts in the comments.

Computers and Your Kids

Without undue stress, this is the age of technology. The 21st century is an era like no other. Virtually everything we do is under the influence of science and technology. The reality of today is that you have to flow with the tide or you will be left behind. That is the reason why you need to get your child a computer set so as to blend in a society that is fast changing and utterly dependent on the wizardry of modern technology.

Talking of computers, it will be unwise for you to get the latest laptop complete with fingerprint recognition technology for your child that is still in the necessary. The point that is being made here is that you need to start easy and simple so that you do not end up confusing the tiny tot. there are computers that have been specially made for young children and they are also sold at affordable prices.

After purchasing the computer for your children, ensure that you teach them how to use it even though children have this uncanny ability to master electronics in a little time. Once they have mastered how to use it, you have to make sure they make practical use of the gadget and it should not be all about games alone. Let them use it for basic mathematics, take grammar lessons, simple geography quizzes, browsing online courses through accredited online colleges and even art lessons as well. Through the use of the computer, your child can learn of other places and cultures in other parts of the world. The computer is more of a window to the world,  it opens your child to the world by providing him or her with all the sophistication that is needed.

Safety in the Home

One fact of life is that death or injury is inevitable. However, with a little care and caution, some of these cases can be prevented or reduced. That is why it is important to take certain steps to ensure security and safety in the home. The percentage of households affected by domestic accidents is so staggering that it is now almost a common place. But, as mentioned earlier, these accidents can be prevented.

Prevention is better than cure and is even more important when you have young kids in the home. The kitchen is a place where many domestic accidents happen. It can be in the form of an explosion of the gas cylinder, spilling hot oil on the skin or even cutting a finger. To prevent any of these incidents affecting your children, minimize their coming into the kitchen for any reason, after all they cannot cook. Locate the fridge in the dining room so that they will not enter the kitchen where they can play with the gas knob under the pretext of getting a cup of water in the refrigerator.

As a parent, you need to ensure that all chemical substances are kept out of reach of those little children that tend to experiment with everything. Such experiments include licking toothpaste or pouring talc powder all over the room. A child that swallows the content of in adhesive tube mistaking it for a toothpaste will cause undue trouble for the already stressed-out parent. Thus, substances like paints, varnishes, adhesives, acids, alkalis, fuels, engine oils and the likes must be kept out of their reach. Teach them basic tips about electricity so that your son does not put a nail in the socket.

Your Children and Toys

If we are to trace the history of toys, we will end up at the time man himself appeared on the surface of the earth. For centuries, toys have been an integral part of the human society and even in the ultra-modern and sophisticated world of the 21st century, toys are still very much around and are showing absolutely no sign of going into extinction.

When the word toy is mentioned, it is also easy to visualize a child. This is because children are more associated with toys even though adults too have their own brands. Toys are important for your kids and a child can fall sick if you do not get her that fine doll or helicopter. There is no need arguing about the importance of toys to children.

However, in the world of today, there are toys and there are toys. This is to state that some toys are not good for the children. Toys like guns, dummy explosives and catapult tend to imprint violence and hostility in your children’s brains. The same thing applies to video games that are based on violence and shootings. If you do not want your child to turn to into a serial killer, it is high time you tossed that toy revolver into the trash can.

Toys are good, but not all of them. To let your child get the best out of toys, it is not only important but necessary as well that you procure toys that will stimulate development and creativity in your children. Toys like these are easy to get and fortunately, they are not expensive. A example of creative toys that you can get for your child is the Lego bricks set.

Getting a Good Nanny

Nowadays, many mothers cannot stay back at home and take care of their children as it was done in the past. They have to go and work and contribute to the family’s income. Thus, many moms have to get a nanny or maid to help in taking care of the kids while they go off to work.

Even though this sounds like a good idea, it has been shown that this may be a very big mistake and even turn out with very unpleasant results if you are unfortunate enough to get a devil as a nanny. Some nannies are only after the money you pay them and have little or no interest in your child’s welfare. Some of them go to the extent of maltreating or even abusing the same children that they entrusted with.

Therefore, getting a good nanny is a serious matter and one that must be pursued with all seriousness as well. Luckily, as there are bad eggs, there are good nurses out there as well and all you have to do is to search for them. This is not a big deal and may even be an interesting affair.
One place to begin the search of this nature is in your office or workplace. You can tell some of your colleagues that are mothers as well and seek for their advice and counsel on how to get a nanny of the highest order. Another option is to tell close relations like your parents. In a situation where you may not be able to do any of these, then the Internet is the place. While you are surfing the Internet, you can search for day care centers in your locality.

Balancing Work and Parenthood

From the beginning of time, one of the toughest jobs that we have been saddled with as human beings is that of raising children. Being a parent is not an easy occupation at all. When you now consider the fact that in the modern world, most parents have to hustle and work so to provide meals on the table for their children, the whole concept becomes more daunting and challenging.

But in an age like this, most parents have to go to work or they will starve alongside the kids. You can afford not to work only if you are very wealthy. For those that have to combine work with raising kids, it is important to strike a balance so that neither work nor family will suffer.

If you are a mother with young kids, you can lessen the rigor and tension by taking your children to day care centers while you go off to work. If the children happen to be too young to be left in a day care center, then you will have to apply for a maternity leave so as to have time to cater for the kids until they grow old enough to stay with a nanny. As a father, you can also help out by taking the kids and dropping them off at the nanny’s or at school. Give a helping hand in whatever way you can, this is to ensure that no single partner is weighed down by the stress and demands of being a parent. It is quite unfair for the father to leave all the raising the child to the mother. Several online college degrees sites are available on internet for a better course on parenthood for new parents.

As a parent with a career, it is important that you squeeze time out of your busy schedule to interact with your children and ask them about schoolwork or help with assignments. Do not be the parent that is more of a stranger at home.